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About Us

The Kurdish Cultural Centre (KCC) was established in May 1985 as a voluntary refugee organisation providing advice, information and assistance to members of the Kurdish Community in the area of immigration, welfare rights, housing, health, integration, employment and training.

The Centre is a registered charity (No. 800883) and a limited company by guarantee (No. 02459783). An elected Management Committee of 9 members manages it. They are elected through secret ballots at the Annual General Meeting of the KCC.

The KCC was the first Kurdish community centre to be established in the UK, and was initially funded by the GLC. It was, in 2004 -2005, partly funded by the Community Fund, Comic Relief, Lloyds TSB, The Wates Foundation, Esmee Fairburn, the CPF and several other funders.

The KCC has some 1,900 households on its membership database. Of these the large majority use the services provided by the Centre. It provides services to thousands of members of the Kurdish community, many of whom have recently arrived, but some who have been settled here for some time. Since the summer of 2005 we have had to help increasing numbers of ‘voluntary’ and compulsory returnees. In this period we handled about 3,500 cases, including assistance to asylum seekers of other nationalities.

Our Ethos

  • To relieve poverty & distress by the provision of advice and assistance in such areas as immigration, welfare rights, housing, health, integration, education and training to those members of the Kurdish Community in the UK who would not otherwise obtain such advice through lack of means.
  • To work towards the preservation and promotion of Kurdish language, art, literature and cultural heritage.
  • To work for the integration of Kurdish refugees in the UK, assisting dispersed communities outside London, and encouraging ELT and employment so as to enable them to play a productive role in Britain.

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