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Our Services

The Kurdish Cultural Centre (KCC) offers a broad range of quality services underpinned by an ethos of equality of opportunity, impartiality & fairness, particularly in respect of political, religious & ethnic affiliations: these are essential characteristics for an effective service needed by members of such a diverse Kurdish community.

buildings/facilities/open space

The Kurdistan Library

The Kurdistan Library has been re-housed in the Reception area in new bookshelves bought with funds from the Home Office and Awards for All, and we have been able to modernise and enlarge it.

According to the number of magazines and magazine materials the Library houses it is one of the biggest libraries abroad.

Borrowing has been as follows: - 459 books, and 296 magazines, cassettes, CDs, videos, posters & maps.

The Social Family Clubs

At the moment we have The Sarbesti Family Club. This club was started in 2004 because the enlargement of the Kurdish community in London resulted in the families of the KCC wanting their own project for a monthly social gathering run by their own sub-committee of the KCC. During the period under review they had 8 monthly parties with singers and musicians participating. 650 adults and 172 children attended. This has been a very successful project from the outset, We need to have other similar clubs to be established for other families with different names. We are planning to secure a reasonable basic running cost amount for each club.

Provides advocacy/advice/information

In the Advisory field the KCC worked at times in partnership with the following organisations: -

Shelter – for help and advice to homeless Arab Iraqi Syrian & Kurdish refugees

Refugee Housing Association, to find accommodation for homeless Women.

Lambeth Asylum Health team – Health matters.


The Saturday School

In order to preserve reasonable standard of learning Mother tongue language, the first class of Kurdish Language have been opened on April 1989, then KCC had more classes in other areas, like Corydon and Mitch am . Because of situation of our Office, KCC always had funding problems to run this Project, especially after 1993, with Lambeth Education department.

Now KCC have a very active multi Classes school, for teaching Kurdish Language and Kurdish Music, with small funds from London Children Help and Lambeth Endowed Charities. We are expecting that we are able to reach a level standard of Kurdish Language at the end of 2010.

The Azadi Saturday School

This school for the teaching of Kurdish to Kurdish children from all the London Boroughs was established in 1988 and ran at the KCC until 1994. Between 1998 and 2000 there were Kurdish supplementary classes for Kurdish children in the Croydon area. Classes for Kurdish children, especially from the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth, were revived at the KCC in 2002.

This year there were 3 classes with 4 qualified teachers with the activity taking place from 12 am to 3 pm every Saturday, and 25 students


  • Asylum Law Level 2
  • Introduction to Human Rights, E.O.U.
  • Housing Legislation update
  • Technical Training – Debt Advice (Advice UK)
  • OISC Registration qualification & UK Law on Asylum
  • Community Management & Development
  • Successful Fundraising. Evelyn Oldfield
  • Family Law
  • Esmee Eairburn (Measuring Outcomes)
  • Pathway to Citizenship
  • Legal rights, asylum
  • Advice Training
  • Turning the wheel of power
  • (EOU) How to write a good report
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Counselling for people with mental health & social difficulties

  • Liaison with GPs hospitals and clinics
  • Helping clients to register with GPs
  • Filling in forms for Health Services


The KCC staff dealt with 832 cases related to housing and accommodation during 2005, sometimes in partnership with Shelter and the Refugee Housing Association. They provided the following types of services.
  • Forms for Housing Benefit.
  • Providing advice & direction to clients.
  • Liaison with various organisations, solicitors, Councils and landlords, to solve clients’ problems.
  • Welfare forms.


THE Kurdish Music Studio

This project is run and directed by a musician, Nihad Jamshir, and the singer, Tara Jaf. This year the most famous Kurdish singers, and some Turkish and Lebanese singers, recorded their new songs in our studio.

Economic/Community development/Employment

The KCC was part of the Refugee Training Partnership between 1997 and 2000, which provided programmes providing ESOL and IT training with the objective of helping refugees to acquire the knowledge and skill necessary for them to find jobs. Since the RTP in the Southwark and Lambeth area was discontinued, The Manager has been developing relations with local colleges providing courses and with the Jobcentre plus organisation in Sheffield concerned with refugees. Unemployment, and its associated problems, is likely to remain of relevance to a large proportion of the Kurdish Community for the foreseeable future.

The Centre needs to foster income generating projects which will reduce its dependency on public funding. These must include the maximisation of the benefits of the refurbished Community Centre building to raise income. This might include the organisation of conferences and social events on the premises. But it should be realised that such activities will put further burdens on the present exiguous and hard pressed staff. Top of page

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