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Who the charity helps

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Children/Young People

The Saturday School

In order to preserve reasonable standard of learning Mother tongue language, the first class of Kurdish Language have been opened on April 1989, then KCC had more classes in other areas, like Corydon and Mitch am . Because of situation of our Office, KCC always had funding problems to run this Project, especially after 1993, with Lambeth Education department.

Now KCC have a very active multi Classes school, for teaching Kurdish Language and Kurdish Music, with small funds from London Children Help and Lambeth Endowed Charities. We are expecting that we are able to reach a level standard of Kurdish Language at the end of 2010.

The Azadi Saturday School

This school for the teaching of Kurdish to Kurdish children from all the London Boroughs was established in 1988 and ran at the KCC until 1994. Between 1998 and 2000 there were Kurdish supplementary classes for Kurdish children in the Croydon area. Classes for Kurdish children, especially from the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth, were revived at the KCC in 2002.

This year there were 3 classes with 4 qualified teachers with the activity taking place from 12 am to 3 pm every Saturday, and 25 students

The Youth Club

A new activity with between 9 and 12 members at present financed by the KCC. Weekly Kung-Fu training in the Kurdistan Hall. The Club plan to have a football team in the near future.

THE Kurdish Music Studio

This project is a part of our youth club activities, runs and directs by Kurdish musicians and singers. In year 2005/2006 the most famous Kurdish singers, and some Turkish and Lebanese, African and English singers, recorded their new songs in the studio. The studio needs a lot of new recording equipments and some new training for our studio coordinator. We are planning to reach the level of professionalism to use part of our studio as a local Kurdish language radio for Kurdish Community in London.

The Sarbesti Family Club

This club was started in 2004 because the enlargement of the Kurdish community in London resulted in the families of the KCC wanting their own project for a monthly social gathering run by their own sub-committee of the KCC. During the period under review they had 8 monthly parties with singers and musicians participating. 650 adults and 172 children attended. This has been a very successful project from the outset, and we expect that other similar clubs will be founded with different names. Top of page

Elderly People

The Elderly Project

The project helps elderly clients to avoid isolation and depression, resulting from the fact that many speak little or no English. The KCC provides a warm and pleasant environment for such clients to meet and interact together. The KCC tried to provide Basic English lessons for the elderly. It has been financing part of the meals they enjoy at the Centre, trips to Museums, picnics and other activities, thanks to the generosity of the AB Charitable Trust.

Khanzad (Elderly) Club

The KCC established this club in November 1997. this year the Khanzad Club met every Friday with between 15 and 20 elderly Kurds in attendance.

Because of the lack of funds the Club was only able to organise two types of activity, their Friday attendance, and a social party on 11 March 2005. Top of page

People with disabilities

People of a particular ethnic or racial origin

Other defined groups

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